The importer shall select the make of the vehicle he intends to import. The next screen displayed shall indicate the different model of the vehicle for the selected make.The end user shall click on the desired model. The third screen will appear and he shall match the vehicle with the one he wishes to import and click on the appropriate serial number.The next screen will appear.The end user shall then click in the appropriate boxes and submit request.


The system will automatically display the printable version of the report with details of the vehicle in 3 parts, viz:

(1) The description of the vehicle,

(2) Options available; and

(3) The depreciation including the assessed FOB value.


What Next?

The end user may use a printed copy of the computer generated assessed value to process the customs declaration only if he is fully satisfied that the imported vehicle is of same description as displayed in the last screen.


Obligation of Importers

Importers using the computer generated assessed value shall be responsible for minor discrepancies and shall be obliged to effect the necessary amendments (post entry) and bring duty to account if any.



Importers using the computer generated assessed value to process customs declaration are warned that submitting false information is a customs offence shall be dealt with accordingly.


*End users are informed that the list of vehicles on this web is exhaustive and shall be updated as and when required. When required information is not available, end users are requested to submit their documents to the Second Hand Vehicles section for assessment of value.